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Polaris RZR 1000 Rental Dubai

Dune Buggy Tour Dubai. Do you wish to explore Dubai with a powerful mechanism as your travel companion? Let’s experience the Dune Buggy tour in Dubai on off-road tracks. With fully automatic and 4 wheel drive, feel the exotic thrill. Wait for none and enjoy the Dune Buggy tour to make your Dubai trip memorable and mesmerizing.


AED 1,100 per hour

Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

Dubai is the most dazzling and magnificent city in the Middle East. Just as the moths are attracted to flame, the flock of tourists from every corner of the World visits this fascinating Arabian ecstasy every year. As you cross the threshold of the deserts of Dubai, the cool desert breeze welcomes you while the city lose color into a distant view.

With a lot to do, discover and feel, this city is actually a prosperous tourist attraction. Explore its countless attractions and high-rise building, indulge in mouth-watering food and supermarket run at its huge malls and skydiving, scuba diving, jet skiing or dune bashing, Dubai really offers something for one and all. But earlier then this modish architecture, construction and industrial affluence, Dubai was and is still, a desert land.

There are numerous attractions in Dubai but the most electrifying Dune Buggy ride cannot be missed in this list. Get the hold of a thrilling drive across the sandbank in four-seated dune buggies. Here, we will take a glance of the one of the most adventurous activity that has been part of Dubai’s culture for centuries – Buggy tour in Dune Bashing.

Perks of a Dune Buggy tour in Dubai:

You will be amazed at the desert sports that includes dune bashing and sand-boarding. Imagine crossing through the extensive desert landscape on a tremendously high-powered machine with moonshine as your guide; thrilling isn’t it?

  • A safari guide will pick you from your hotel.
  • Enjoy food and drink in the departure camp area
  • Ride across the dunes in the most modern off-road dune buggies
  • Enjoy the 4-wheel fully automatic drive; with seat belts, roll cages and off-road suspension
  • Sit back and enjoy zealous ride in a buggy driven by safari guide
  • Leaving the desert behind, when you return to your hotel; you must be having some unforgettable moments.

Are you an adventure-lover? If yes, then buggy riding in the Dubai desert must be in your to-do list. Above all, teenagers and young people love riding the quad bikes in the desert, as they wish to explore the high and low dunes.

Have escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubai and spend the breezy morning in the desert. On your exotic buggy ride, you can visit the natural trails on the sand and have a great time with the group members. The high-power buggy has a vigorous engine and indeed the best way to walk around the desert.

You can have the zealous ride in single and double-seated buggies, just as you want. The Night ride Buggy Safari Dubai is one of the most adventurous activities where one can get pleasure from driving throughout the desert dunes in day or at night time. Take a white-knuckle spin over the rolling dunes in the fast dune buggies along with an experienced guide.

The advantages of audacious Dubai Buggy tour:

Think about going on a daring tour on buggy ride and energize your soul. There are numerous other benefits of heading towards an adventurous trip. Look out for a comprehensive escapade to Arabian Desert culture. Get rid of continual anxiety and stress and feel the exotic journey in desert buggy safari.

Push your limits to enthrall into an adventurous and tough buggy ride, you can have the chance to discover your deepest fears as much as confronting challenge is linked. Enjoy the slow and exciting camel caravan ride in the sandy deserts that will make you feel the ancient Arab. Moreover, the buggy ride keeps the mind calm and peaceful.

Allow the local artists beautify your hands and feet with henna painting. Dinner, limitless soft drinks, along with hotel pickup and drop-off in central Dubai are included in the trip. The buggy ride is a part of every tour in the barren regions of Dubai. Those who love to get pleasure from the cool breeze in the sunrise and the morning sun lighten up the deserts with golden glow; the morning dune buggy tour Dubai is an ultimate tour for you.

Witness the calm and serene sunset and click shots to capture memorable moments. Don’t hold back since this chance allows everyone to experience an exhilarating ride throughout the Dubai desert sands in a powerful Buggy.

Tour Guide:

Have a discussion with the tour organizers regarding your preferences for your buggy trip and they will come up with all the necessary measures for you. They will help you to embrace your adventurous side on a bigger extent. All groups are accompanied by skilled guides, and you can get them for any kind of help whenever you require.

The safety equipment like glasses and helmet is given to the visitors. The guide teaches the travelers with the basic explanation to drive the quad bikes. This makes sure that you will get pleasure from the buggy riding in the Dubai desert without getting on your nerves. You will surely experience something you have not enjoyed earlier. You can freely travel around the areas around the camp in your buggy.


Traveling may be a craze for you, and the experiences you encounter remains cherished your heart. Buggy riding in the deserts of Dubai is the heartwarming fantasy that you may be eager to take in.

Plan a trip with one of the most reliable tour organizers and feel the excitement that the desert has to offer you. Double up the Adventure and joy while exploring the desert on a quad bike during your desert buggy ride. Off-road dune buggy tour in Dubai is one of the most amusing activities of the desert. Moreover, you can get your trip personalized to your needs.